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Free Refund For Water (up to 30 at a time), Fertilizer and Coins Used!

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This video shows you how to satisfy a quest that requires you to use water or fert without using any from your inventory

Hi I’m gonna show you how to complete certain goals that come up especially with the kitten quest. Where you have to water and Fertilize to get credit on a ques.

What you can do is plant water and fertilize your crops to get as far as you need to in the quest

You can be refunded for all the water, Coins and Fertiizer, by placing a building no top. First plant 30 single plots, they must be single. Then plant and water and then place a building on top. Keep in mind it only works with the smaller plots .. You can also use a large plot instead of a building to get the return. Just continue to do this and you’ll be through this part of the quest more easily. This way you don’t have to wait for all the veggies to harvest. You’ll get a pop up that says Zynga will replace your coins fert and water. Click Place. Thank you! Watch the video