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"TIP"....Neighbors Helping Neighbors/ Thanks Denice Marie Dell

Have a neighbor that is in need of energy? This will show you how to share with them. BUT remember you are giving them energy from YOUR inventory!

Simply go to your neighbors farm, and hover over one of their family members avitar. You will see this pop up above their head. Click on the energy bolt and it will transfer one of your energy to them! BUT remember, you are using from YOUR inventory.

( Don't see this pop-up?, It is probably another slow roll out from Zynga)

Thanks Denice Marie Dell



When you do your neighbor visits, the first several farms you visit , you get bonus stuff and 4 water 4 fert.....If you do those first visits, hit sprinklers all ten tasks, get 10 water, you end with 14 water total. Now, when you are done with those first farms, and you no longer get the 4 water and 4 fert for the visit, THEN continue visiting farms and hit a grove and 5 sprinklers. This will give you the 5 water u just hit PLUS the bonus produce for hitting the grove......This way you dont have to miss out on the bonus and maximize the water you gather on those first 7 or 8 farms.

Give it a try!