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*TIP*...Creating Neighbor Teams / Admin Becky

One way to advance in the game faster is by having great, helpful neighbors!

And one way to utilize your neighbors is to create a Neighbor Team.

Specifically this requires you to have a good communication base with your neighbors; each of whom has helper actions that they can use each day on your farm. All that is required is to ask them to always use those actions on the same set of resource items each day.

In other words Neighbor A always waters your five Pine Trees, Neighbor B always waters your five Walnut Trees, and so on. They can in turn assign you a specific set of targets for you to use your helper actions on in order to benefit as well, but the end result of this is that Trees no longer factor as a resource issue!

Give that some thought, and be sure that you work with neighbors and friends who play the game on a daily basis and who are committed fans, and you should find that this tactic makes your farming life a lot easier.