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*TIP*...What are the different prized shovels? / Admin Becky

What are the different prized shovels?

Get more Fair points from your Prized Goods by upgrading your Prize Shovel. The more you upgrade your Prize Shovel, the more points you will get. So keep upgrading that Prize Shovel. Below is the variety of Prize Shovel that you can upgrade it to.

Gold Prize Shovel: 2X points on Prize Goods.

Platinum Prize Shovel: 3X points on Prize Goods.

Amber Prize Shovel: 4X points on Prize Goods.

Ruby Prize Shovel: 5X points on Prize Goods.

Sapphire Prize Shovel: 6X points on Prize Goods.

Diamond Prize Shovel: 10X points on Prize Goods.

NOTE: Multiple upgrades are shown in the State Fair. However, you must buy upgrades in order. That means, you will not be able to upgrade your Prize Shovel to Amber without upgrading it to Platinum first. The timer after the upgrade is based on the time left for the Gold Prized Shovel. This means if there is only an hour left for the Gold Prized Shovel and it was upgraded to a Diamond Shovel then the Diamond Shovel can only be used for that remaining hour. Our Farmhands suggest to upgrade the Gold Prize Shovel as soon as possible to maximize its effect.

To upgrade your shovel, you can simply click on your State Fair Wagon and purchase the upgrade (this is also available for the County Fair wagon)



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