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Puppy Pageant! (OFFICIAL GUIDE)

Can't get enough of dogs? Here's a chance to get 4 new Puppies!

If you are level 20, the "Get Ready for the Puppy Pageant!" popup will appear. Click on the "Start Training!" button to begin the feature.

Players have the option to use Farm Bucks for an early access to the feature. Along with the early unlock, there are also bonus rewards included!

Note: Early access is optional and you can get the feature for free once the countdown has finished.

Let's start with the event!

Here's the roadmap of what we need to complete in order to get those adorable puppies.

When you complete all 12 tasks, you'll be awarded with a Training Ribbon along with bonus rewards!

Complete the tasks within the specified time limit to earn that extra Training Ribbon!

In order to help you out there's also a special boost which will aid you in completing tasks faster!

Note: The "Use Now" button will be grayed out if you don't meet some requirements. An example would be: not having crops that have been watered planted on your farm for the speed grow all special boost. Also, you can only use the special boost once.

After completing all the tasks, it's time for you to collect your awesome rewards

You can then select which rewards you want to get along with a special boost for your next set of tasks.

After getting the required Training Ribbons, you can now adopt the 4 Puppies!

Congratulations! You now have the option to rename your Puppies. Just click the box below the Puppies in order to rename them.

Now that you have one of your Puppies, feed him baby bottles and watch him grow!

Note: You can only place one Puppy on your farm after completing the event. The other Puppies can be placed on your farm from your Inventory.

After your Puppy is all grown up, watch him and his friends entertain farmhands for extra gifts!