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All's Fine And Dandelion! (Official Guide)

Have you heard of Percy's new school project?

He's making Dandelion Seed paintings.

To finish them, he needs our help in collecting

Dandelion Seeds. In return, we get a baby Norfolk

Grey Chicken.

If you are level 15, the "All's Fine and Dandelion"

popup will appear.

Click on the "Place Building!"

button to begin the feature.

Collect all the building materials needed:

Then ask your friends to be a builder

or hire them to complete the building:

Once completed, this is how the Dandelion

Art Desk would look like:

Click the completed Dandelion

Art Desk to see the Main Menu.

There are 3 ways to get Dandelions.

First is to harvest crops. Remember to

fertilize your crops for

a better chance of earning Dandelions.

Second is by crafting Goods to dig up Dandelions.

For the materials, you can ask or post for help.

You can also call your Co-op:

Lastly, you can use your Farm Bucks to

earn more Dandelions.

Check the Dandelion image to see how many

seeds you have collected:

Start earning rewards by reaching certain milestones:

22 Seeds: 5 Pebble Palavers

44 Seeds: Dandy Goodie Bag

66 Seeds: Dandelion Weeding Kit

88 Seeds: 5 Dandelion Fences

Collect all the Dandelion Seeds to get the cheerful baby Norfolk Grey Chicken and 10 Favors.

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