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FV2 Buddy

Officially the best way to experience all the posts sent to you, by your fellow farmers!

Works only for FV2 on Facebook]FarmVille 2 Buddy is Zynga’s official Chrome Extension for FarmVille 2 (web game).

Installing it will add a handy FarmVille icon to your browser.

This FarmVille 2 Buddy icon opens up a side-bar for quick access to game POST, notifications and gifts, all delivered straight to the chrome tab you're on!

Through this nifty side-bar, you can: -Go directly to the FarmVille 2 (web game) on Facebook-Receive items from current events immediately -Stay connected to your farm while you're away from your farm… and much more! Use of this extension is subject to Zynga’s Terms of Service (https://www.zynga.com/legal/terms-of-service), and Privacy Policy



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