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Gourmet Farms / Expansion / Levels

Farmville 2 Gourmet Farm Expansion

Players can travel to a specialty farm where they plant crops and turn them into goods which they can serve in their bistro.

Expansion lots that you can expand to when the Gourmet Farm becomes available.

We'll be traveling to and from by balloon is what I'm reading folks..

Our Balloon will be located in front of our Fair wagons ..

Note: Level requirements means the Reputation Points/Level.

The Cheesery – available when reach level 7. Build Cheese Presses at the Cheesery to make more Cheese, serve visitors, and earn Credits faster!

Unlock Mountain Goats to craft Gourmet cheese

The Milk Meadows – available when you reach level 20. It is a wide open spaces where your goats can roam.

Chocolate Grove – available when you reach level 30. A place where you can grow your gourmet repertoire with chocolate.

Temperate Terraces – available when you reach level 40.

Grazing Glades – available when you reach level 50.