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Marie's Grand Feast Official Guild!

Marie's Grand Feast!

Want to partake in a community driven event? Look no further, here comes Marie's Grand Feast! The feature involves the entire FarmVille 2 community. Everyone will need to contribute and play together in order to win the rewards!

If you are level 12, the "Feast Your Eyes, Farmers!" popup will appear. Click on the "Get Started!" button to proceed with the feature.

Access the feature by clicking the Marie's Grand Feast Icon on the upper left hand corner of your screen.

This is a community oriented event so every contribution you make helps!

Complete tasks in order to gain supplies towards the community goal.

Rewards will unlock when the community reach the milestone from the Community Goal. To be qualified to claim the community rewards, you will need to have contributed sufficient supplies to achieve the intended target.

Keep track of your progress while also earning great gifts. Complete 3 stages in order to be eligible for the community rewards that will be available for everyone to claim.

A total of 7 rewards can be claimed from completing Marie’s Grand Feast. 3 from the Community Rewards and 4 from the personal progress.

Community rewards:Reward

1: Baby Fleckvieh Cow Reward

2: 15 Floral Hedge Fences 1 Floral Gate Reward

3: Pedigree 3 Baby Warlander HorsePersonal

Progress rewards:Reward

1: 10 Water, 5 Speedgrow Reward

2: 10 Salt, 10 PepperReward

3: 6 Hour Water Certificate Reward

4: 5 Uses of the Instagrower

You can check on the specific reward you will be getting by hovering your mouse on a certain reward:

In order to speed up the progress, you can also get bonus supplies if your tasks are completed before the timer expires.

If you need help with how the feature works, just press the " ? " button on the upper right hand corner.

Let's start on those tasks and help each other out in getting those awesome rewards!