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I Put a Spell on You. A Fainting Spell! Official Guild

The Silky Fainting Goat needs our help! Complete the feature to remedy her situation!

If you are level 15 and above, the "I Put a Spell on You. A Fainting Spell!" popup will appear. Click on the "Get Started!" button to proceed with the feature.

Collect building materials for the Carnival Goat Bed.

Complete the Carnival Goat Bed with the help of your friends!

This is how the Carnival Goat Bed will look upon completion:

Aside from building a Carnival Goat Bed, there’s also a need to collect 3 Smelling Salts and 5 Magic Carpets in order to receive the Fainting Goat.​

Complete 3 Quests from the “Get That Goat!” line of Quests in order to get Smelling Salts. You can access the feature by clicking on “Go To Quest!” from the Carnival Goat Bed or from the Quest icon located at the upper left-hand corner of the screen.​

Make 5 Magic Carpets for the Fainting Goat. Do this by clicking on “Make it!” from the Carnival Goat Bed or finding the recipe from your Crafting Workshop.

After completing the tasks and helping the Fainting Goat, you will now receive it for your farm!

You can also opt to store the Carnival Goat Bed or keep it on your farm for the Fainting Goat to sleep in.​

Now let’s start helping the Fainting Goat get over her fainting concerns!​

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