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The Ranger Outpost!...Guide

Are you ready to discover woodland animals? Help Ranger Jane complete wildlife photo collections and unlock her special skills. So grab your camera and let's start clicking!

If you are level 12, the "Discover Woodland Animals with Ranger Jane!" popup will appear. Click on the "Okay!" button to proceed with the feature.

The Ranger Outpost will be automatically placed outside your Farm, beside the Farm Co-op. simply click the Outpost to access it.

Complete the tasks in order to gain Photo Rolls.

A Photo Roll is required to take pictures of the animals in the Woodland.

Ranger Jane will give you Photo Rolls to start with. Click the “Use” button to go the Woodland.

There's are rare animals hiding in the bushes! Click on the “Click” button when the bushes move.

Once you’ve captured a photo of the rare animal, collect it by clicking the “Collect” button.

This is where you can view your photographs. Complete a collection of photos to unlock Ranger Jane’s skills.

Here’s one of Ranger Jane’s skill that you can unlock.

You will be able to unlock Ranger Jane’s ‘Instabloom’ skill once you complete all three collections. Instabloom makes all your crops and trees ready to harvest, fills all wells, and makes all animals hungry again.

You can click the “?” anytime for more help.