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The Fly Tying Station Guide

The Fly Tying Station

The weather is just so perfect today, isn’t it? It’s also perfect for fly fishing! Now let’s go help Walter make some fly fishing lures and get a cute Baby Red Angeln Saddleback Pig as a reward!

If you are level 15, the "Looking So Fly" pop-up will appear. Click on the "Place Fly Tying Station" button to start this feature.

Collect all the building materials to needed to build it.

Invite your friends or hire them as your builder to complete it.

This is how it would like when it’s done:

The Fly Tying Station needs at least 5 Non-Prized Adult Pheasants on your farm. If you don't have enough, this pop-up will appear to let you know how many you're still missing. Click the "See More Pheasants!" button to check on all available Pheasants from the General Store.

Note: The more Pheasants you have on your Farm, the more chances of winning.

Click the Fly Tying Station to access the menu. There are three sets of items that you need to complete: Dry Files, Wet Files, and Steelhead.

Contour Feather is what makes the Fly Tying Station run and there are four ways to collect them. First is by feeding your Non-Prized Adult Pheasants. You can also share it your friends. Second is by purchasing it with Farmbucks.

Third is by crafting it from your Crafting Workshop. Brown Feather and Silk are need for your materials.

Lastly, you can get it as a reward from the “Of Fish and Fowl” line of quests.

If you have completed a particular set of Flies, you will receive an additional Bonus item if you collect any more of them!

Collect all sets of Files to get a Baby Red Angeln Saddleback Pig plus 10 Favors!

Note: You can re-do the feature to get another Baby Red Angeln Saddleback. Extra Files collected from a completed set won't go towards your Inventory and will not count for the next reward completion.

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