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Official Guide: The FarmVille Library

The FarmVille Library

Want to help kids in need and get their hands on their first books and inculcate a reading habit?

“First Book” provides access to new books for children in need. First Book is transforming the lives of children in need and elevating the quality of education by making new, high-quality books available on an ongoing basis. So let’s get together with the community to build a library near the orphanage. In return, you can get a Speed-Grow machine, a Bountiful Tree and other great rewards.

If you are level 16, the "The FarmVille Library!" popup will appear. Click on the "I’m ready!" button to proceed with the feature.

You can access the feature by clicking The Farmville Library icon on the upper left hand corner of your screen.

This is a community oriented event so every contribution you make counts!

Complete the task to gain supplies toward the Farmville Library.

Rewards will unlock when the community reaches the milestone from the Community Goal. To be qualified to claim the community rewards, you will need to have contributed sufficient supplies to achieve the intended target.

Keep track of your personal goals while also earning great rewards. Complete all 3 stages to be eligible for the community rewards and everyone in the community can claim it!

A total of 7 rewards can be claimed from completing the Farmville Library. 3 from the Community Rewards and 4 from the personal progress.

Community rewards:

  • Reward 1: Pedigree 2 Baby Spotted Nguni Cow

  • Reward 2: Pedigree 3 Baby Dark Belgian Warmblood Horse

  • Reward 3: Harvestable Bountiful Tree

Personal Progress rewards:

  • Reward 1: 10 Water, 5 Speedgrow

  • Reward 2: 10 Salt, 10 Pepper

  • Reward 3: 6 Hour Water Certificate

  • Reward 4: 5 Uses of the Speedgrow Machine

You can check on the specific reward you will be getting by hovering your mouse on a certain reward. Use these rewards to help you speed up your progress.

Contribute extra books and get a reward by sending your School Bag to your friends. You will get the extra books and reward when five friends have helped.

If you need more help with how the feature works, just press the " ? " button on the upper right hand corner.

Let’s start helping each other out to get the kids in need get their hands on their first books!