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The Shadow Theater!...Official Guide

Thrilled about the Halloween? How about a Shadow Theater? I've got the perfect story for you to play out. You’ll get this cute Baby African Pygmy Mini Goat as your treat! If you are level 15, the "Scary Good Time!" popup will appear. Click on the "Place Shadow Theater!" button to proceed with the feature.

Collect all the materials needed to build the Shadow Theater

Invite your friends to be your builder or hire them with Farm bucks.

This is how it would look like once it’s done. Click on the building to access it..

Collect the required number of Shadow Theater Tickets and invite your friends to complete the goal. There are 4 ways to get a Shadow Theater Ticket.

Complete a task from the Shadow Theater.

Post it to your wall so your friends can send you one.

Purchase Shadow Tickets using Farmbucks.

Get it as a reward from the “Peek a Boo” line of quest.

There are 4 tasks that you need to complete: The Act I, Act II, Act III, and The End. Once you’ve collected the required number of Shadow Theater Tickets, click on the “Take Baby Steps” button to proceed to the next task.

Please note that any excess Shadow Theater Ticket will carry over for the next set of requirements.

And the first Act will play. Enjoy watching!

Collect your rewards and share it with friends!

The next task will be unlocked once you’re done with the current task.

Get this adorable Baby African Pygmy Mini Goat and 10 Favors when you complete all 4 tasks!

Note: Re-do the feature to get another set of rewards!