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A Parade Comes Before The Fall!...Guide

A Parade Comes Before The Fall!

Are you excited for awesome floats, food and fun? You’ll experience these and more in the upcoming Fall Parade! Help Marie and Barbara get the show on the road by building a Cornucopia Float and win FarmVille’s first baby Herdwick Ram.

If you are level 15 or higher, the "Build a Cornucopia Float for the Fall Parade!" popup will appear. The Cornucopia Float’s building frame will be automatically placed outside your Farm near the Foraging area. Click on the "Start Building!" button to get started:

Start by collecting all the materials needed to build the Cornucopia Float:

Next, hire or ask your friends to help you build it or hire them:

Click on the Float to open the menu and start completing the

Week 1 Quest:

There are 4 Quests for each week. Complete quests and a Check Mark will show your progress. Once you've completed all four Quests from Week 1, you can redeem the Fiery Fall Gates as your reward. The Bonus Quest 1 will also appear for more prizes!

Your Cornucopia Float will also have additional decorations every time you complete the quests for each week.

There will also be a cool animation as you and your friends celebrate the completion of quests for each week.

After completing all the Quests from Week 1, you will need to wait for the next set of Quests. They won't appear all at once, however, they will be unlocked per week!

Go ahead and start completing quests and get the priceless baby Herdwick Ram!

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