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Look Who Our Sheep Ram Into!...Guide

Look Who Our Sheep Ram Into!

Guess what Gus found on the foothills of Mount Leghorn? Yay! A Baby Ram! Now, he wants your help to make the ram more gentle and also to comfort his sheep so that they can get along. In return, you’ll get your very ownbaby Arapawa Ram and baby Arapawa Sheep!

If you are level 15 and above, the "Look Who Our Sheep Ram Into!" popup will appear. Click on the "Place Ram Playpen" button to proceed with the feature.

Begin by collecting the materials you need.

Then, ask your friends to help finish it or you can hire builders.

Once the building is complete, your Ram Playpen will look like this.

Click on the building to view the menu and you’ll see that there 2 tasks to complete: “Welcome the Ram!” and “Comfort the Sheep”.

For the first task, you’ll need to collect 5 Mountain Grass and to make 3 Fragrant Pillows to earn the baby Arapawa Ram.

Collect 5 Mountain Grass by completing 5 quests from the Hike the Leghorn! line of quests. You can open the quests by clicking on the “Go To Quest” button in the Ram Playpen menu.

You can also access the quests by clicking the “Hike the Leghorn!” quest icon on the upper left-hand corner of your screen.

To make 3 Fragrant Pillows, click on the “Make It!” button in the Ram Playpen menu and the Crafting Workshop opens. Do not worry if you do not have the complete materials as you can always post for help or call your Co-op!

After completing the tasks and welcoming the Arapawa Ram, you will now receive it for your farm!

The next task is to put the sheep at ease and to do this you need to craft 2 Stuffed Ram Toys, 2 Sheep Pillows, and 3 Fragrant Brushes. Begin crafting by clicking on each of the “Make It!” buttons.

Once all the crafting is completed, you will get the the baby Arapawa Sheep!

Start this feature now as these two amazing animals can’t wait to be in your farm.