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The Animal Inn!...Official Guide

Folks sometimes let their farms run unsupervised when they go away to visit friends or attend to business in the city. But they often have a finicky animal (or two!) that can’t be left alone. Help them out by opening an inn where their animals can play while they’re away! With the holiday season almost upon us, it’s the need of the hour! Win a gorgeous Baby Anglo Kabarda Horse as a reward for running a successful inn!

Getting Started

If you are level 15 or above, the "The Very First Animal Inn is Here!" pop-up will appear. Click on "Build the Animal Inn!" to begin this feature.

Collect all the materials to build the Animal Inn.

Then, invite your friends to help you build, or hire builders.

Checking-in Guests with Permits

Guests will wait at the Reception for you to open a room. Check-in an animal by clicking on the Check-Inbutton below the room in which you want to place them.

You’ll need Permits to open rooms for your animal guests. There are 2 kinds of Permits: Premium Permits and Standard Permits. You can earn them by demonstrating your animal care skill. Raise any animal on your farm to an adult and you’ll get Premium Permits. You’ll get Standard Permits when you feed or super feed the animals on your farm.

Types of Rooms

The two different Permits let you open different types of rooms. Use Premium Permits to check your guests into plush Premium Rooms, while Standard Permits let you open comfy, cozy Standard Rooms.

Different animals will stay in a room for different lengths of time. The sign on the reception will let you know that particular animal’s Stay Time in a room. Once the animal has been checked-in, there’ll be a timer below the room that counts down to when the animal will leave.

Earning Star Reviews

When the timer runs out, the animal will automatically check-out of the room and leave Star Reviews. Collect enough Star Reviews, and you’ll win amazing rewards and the baby Anglo Kabarda Horse.

Note that animals in Premium Rooms will leave more Star Reviews than animals in Standard Rooms. So, fill in your Premium Rooms to progress and win faster!

Full House Bonus

You can also collect extra Star Reviews through the Full-House Bonus tracker! This tracks the number of animals staying at your inn (the number of rooms filled) at a given time. Having 2 or more guests at the same time will move the meter up and grant you bonus Star Reviews! (Animals like to socialize, you see.) You’ll earn Star Reviews every time the meter moves up to 2, 3 and 4 animals. And having a Full-House, which is all 5 rooms filled, will give you a bumper amount of Star Reviews! The more rooms filled, the merrier!


Here are the different rewards you’ll win when you earn enough Star Reviews to reach certain milestones: