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The Wreath Time!....GUIDE

Walter is tired of seeing the same old decorations every year. We can spruce things up by making Felt Wool Wreaths in the Wreath Maker. Craft all the wreaths needed and win a baby Black Frizzle Chicken.

If you are level 15 or higher, the popup will appear. Click on the “Place Wreath Maker” button to start the feature.

You now have to collect the materials you need to build the Wreath Maker.

Next, invite your friends or hire them as your builder to complete it.

Your finished Wreath Maker will look like this:

The Wreath Maker needs Non-Prized Adult Rams on your farm. If you don't have enough, this prompt window will appear to let you know how many you still need. Click the "See More Rams!" button to check on all available Rams from the General Store.

Note: More adult Rams gives you a better chance to win.

To open the menu, click on the Wreath Maker. There are sets of wreaths that you need to complete: Wreath of Joy, Winter’s Tale Wreath, and Autumn Bloom Wreath.

To make these wreaths, Felt Wools are needed and you can collect them in four easy ways. First, you can get them by feeding your Non-Prized Adult Rams.

Second is by crafting Felt Wool in your Crafting Workshop. If you are in need of materials, you can ask friends for help or call your Co-op.

Third is by receiving Felt Wools as a reward when you complete the “Farma-Ram-a” line of quests.

Last way to get Felt Wools is by purchasing them.

After completing a particular set of Wreaths, you will get an additional Bonus reward if you collect any more of them!

Complete all sets of Wreaths to receive the baby Black Frizzle Chicken and 10 Favors.

Note: You can repeat the feature to get another baby Black Frizzle Chicken. Extra Felt Wool collected from a completed set won't go towards your Inventory and will not count for the next reward completion.