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It’s Sleigh Time!...GUIDE

Oh no! Percy's ram knocked over his bicycle and scattered all the Festive Baubles. We have to help him gather all of them so his mom can decorate the B&B Tree. As a reward, you’ll get a baby brown Roan Mini Donkey.

If you are level 15, the “It’s Sleigh Time!" popup will appear. Click on the “Place Building!” button to begin the feature.

To build the “To build the Sleigh Basket” you will need to collect the building materials.

Then you need to have Builders, so ask your friends for help or you can hire them.

After you’ve finished building, you’ll have a colorful sleigh that will look like this:

Click on the sleigh to start collecting Festive Baubles.

There are three easy ways to collect Festive Baubles. One is to harvest crops.

Want to have a better chance of finding Festive Baubles? Simply fertilize your crops! If you need additional Fertilizers, just click on the “Get More Fertilizer” button.

The second way to get Festive Baubles is by crafting them. If you are in need of materials, you could either ask or post for help.

You can also get more help by calling your Co-op.

Lastly, you can get Festive Baubles by purchasing them.

To keep track of how many you have collected, check the Festive Bauble counter in the menu.

You start earning rewards when you reach certain milestones:

22 Festive Baubles: 2 Frosty Bauble Lamp Posts

44 Festive Baubles: Goodie Pack

66 Festive Baubles: Resource Pack

88 Festive Baubles: 5 Frosty Bauble Lamp Posts

When you have collected enough Festive Baubles, click on the reward to redeem it.

Gather all the Festive Baubles to get the adorable baby brown Roan Mini Donkey and 10 Favors.

Let’s get started collecting to get these awesome rewards!