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Golden Fleece

GOLDEN FLEECE is no longer available to anyone who has the New Prized Animal Barn.

Once you place the Prized Animal Barn the Sheep Shack and Rabbit Warren go into inventory and you can no longer collect Golden Fleece.

The only option as of now is to watch for game posts from players who still have the Sheep Shack and Rabbit Warren, and collect from those. It would be a very good idea to report this to Zynga so they are aware, and may possibly supply you with the golden fleece, or possibly finish the task for you, if you need it for a requirement.

This is an Image of the new Barn


Golden Fleece is used to make Golden Thread

It is advised for now for everyone that is still able to get the Golden Fleece to please make sure to share it!

Zynga made the statement they will no longer supply

the Golden Fleece if you have the New Prized Animal Barn.

We strongly suggest,... if you have a task that is calling for it,

that you contact ZYNGA with this issue.

Meanwhile we will do our part and if anyone is in need please let us know

to post some.