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***TIP***...How to post game post showing actual picture.

This will show you 2 different ways to post your game post to our group showing the actual picture of the item.


Post the item from your farm to your timeline. Go to your timeline and find the post you want to share.

Click on the Share at the bottom

Click on Share in a group

Type in "S" and our Group will pop up....click on it

Click post

Your game post is now posted in Sparty's with the picture of your item!!

Otherwise it will post as shown below.....This way everyone can actually see what you want!!

NOTE: Please be sure your settings are set to PUBLIC so everyone can see your posts. If not they will post as "Attachment Unavailable" and only your friends will be able to see them and help you!


From your home page click on settings

Click on Apps

Find FV2 in the list of Apps and click on the tiny pencil to Edit Settings

Click on that check mark so that it is no longer checked. Click save. This will stop FV2 from automatically posting on your timeline or page. Once you do this you can not go back and click on it again to reset it unless you uninstall the FV2 App and re install it. That is easily done though. (Instructions below) Now you will be able to share your game post directly from your farm instead of trying to find it on your timeline or page to share it.

Go to your farm and now simply click on the item you want to post.

You will now get this pop up...click on Share in a group.......or if you prefer posting to your timeline, that is an option there also.......but since we are posting to Sparty's, click on Share in a group.

Choose Sparty's and then click Post to Facebook

Your post is now posted on Sparty's with the picture of your item!

How to Uninstall and Reinstall FV2 App

You must uninstall the game and then reinstall it..

Images below will help you with this task


1. Go to Settings

2. Choose Apps

3. Choose FV2

4. Click Edit settings

5. Choose uninstall App

6. Find a game post and click it and answer yes to the question asked .. You'll then have your farm and your neighbors will return..

TIP .. AFTER You UNINSTALL .. You'll need to log out of Facebook , then log back in and do your reinstall .. Happy Farming

1# Image

2# Image

3# Image

4# Image

5# Image