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Sweater Workshop Guide

Sweater Days Ahead!

Do you find Walter funny? Well… Let’s organize an Ugly Sweater party to show his funny side! You will get a baby Jersey Mini Cow as a reward.

If you are level 15 or above, the "There’ll Be Sweater Days Ahead!" popup will appear. Click on the "Place Building" button to begin this feature.

Collect all the building materials needed to build the Sweater Workshop.

Then, invite your friends to help you build it or hire them with Farmbucks.

This is how it would look like when it’s done. Click on the building to access it and see what’s inside.

Collect the required number of Red Pompoms to complete the goal. There are 4 ways to get a Red Pompom.

1.Craft items. You can also click the arrow left and right to choose which item to craft. You will see that some of the ingredients are still locked. But don’t worry. They will be unlocked as the weeks pass by.

2. Post a request on your wall so your friends can send you one.

3. Purchase Pompoms using Farmbucks.

4. Get it as a reward from the “Wife of the Party!” line of quest.

To start crafting, select and click the item that you want to craft. Please note that each item gives out different number of Pompoms.

After clicking the item, click on the “Make 1” button.

Lacking any ingredients? No worries! Our friendly Co-op members are here to help us with the missing ingredients. Simply click on the “Call My Co-op” button.

To check the number of Pompoms you’ve collected, just view the counter from the right-hand corner of the Menu or from Marie at the bottom. You can also view the time you have left before the feature expires.