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"The Topiary Contest" GUIDE

Harvest fertilized Veggies to gather Produce for Barbara. Collect Hand Pruners by gathering enough Produce.

Prune the hedge and create a gorgeous topiary! Use them to prune your topiary!

Collect enough Produce for Barbara to get Hand Pruners. Click on parts of the hedge to prune it.

You have 12 Days to prune all the parts:

Collect Produce using Fertilizer:

Collect 7 Butterfly to get A Beautiful Rewards:

Post Hint to Friends for a clue on where a Butterfly might be hiding:

Free 3 Parts to collect 1 Water & Fertilizer Pack:

Free 6 Parts to collect 1 Bottle & Instagrow Pack:

Free 9 Parts to collect 1 Horse Ice Sculpture:

Free 12 Parts to collect 1 Salt & Pepper Pack:

Collect 7 Butterflies to get 1 Baby Purple Peacock:

Free 16 Parts to collect 1 Baby Grey Marwari Horse:

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