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Grow the fascinating Sensitive Plant on your farm!...GUIDE

Sensitive plant is a sprawling ground cover with leaflets that close when disturbed! Get the "Grow the fascinating Sensitive Plant on your farm!" Limited Edition items from your General Store now and read below to learn more about these. Don't forget to share with us your favorite item too!

“The discovery of agriculture was the first big step towards a civilized life.”

New Limited Edition Crop:

Sensitive Plant - 44 Coins

New Limited Edition Trees:

Heirloom Balau Tree - 23 Farm Bucks

Mockernut Hickory Tree - 12 Farm Bucks

Pongam Tree - 12 Farm Bucks

Balau Tree - 11 Farm Bucks

Heirloom Pongam Tree - 25 Farm Bucks

Heirloom Mockernut Hickory Tree - 25 Farm Bucks

New Limited Edition Animals:

Baby Icelandic Ram - 28 Farm Bucks

Kaimanawa Mini Horse - 43 Farm Bucks

Baby Kaimanawa Mini Horse - 30 Farm Bucks

Baby Kambing Katjang Mini Goat - 28 Farm Bucks

Icelandic Ram - 41 Farm Bucks

Mini Ghungroo Pig - 41 Farm Bucks

Baby Mini Ghungroo Pig - 28 Farm Bucks

Kambing Katjang Mini Goat - 41 Farm Bucks

Crafting Kitchen Recipes:

Toasted Mockernut Hickory Cake - Mockernut Hickory + Wheat, sells for 2440 Coins

Mockernut Hickory Cream - Mockernut Hickory + Milk, sells for 2890 Coins

Mockernut Hickory Rice Pudding - Mockernut Hickory + Rice, sells for 3320 Coins

Crafting Workshop Recipes:

Sensitive Plant Medicine - Sensitive Plant + Water, sells for 2490 Coins

Pongam Pendant - Pongam + Piece of Glass, sells for 2530 Coins

Pongam Oil Pongam + Olive, sells for 2810 Coins

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