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The Rooster Coop!...GUIDE

Hey, {user}! You must be wondering what just happened? YES!

So, Walter and I have been so busy that we didn't notice how listless our chickens had become! Oh..

We came up with many ideas for them but getting a Rooster has been the best one ever. The chickens love him and have been happier than ever! You should try it too! But, how?

Tell you what, keep my special chickens and take care of them for now, and we'll catch up later.

1st Part "Collection": Make 6 Booster Bottles to feed baby chickens.

After you make all Booster Bottles and feed all chickends you get a Rooster egg!

2nd Part "Hatching": Use the tuning fork to charm worms.

Use the Tuning Fork to move hen closer to the egg.

3rd Part "Feeding": Raise the Baby Rooster.

Complete Tasks to get Rooster Grain:

When you reach 300 Rooster Grain you get the new Amazing Rooster:

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