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Sewing Booth!...GUIDE

The weather is too cold and Walter has a cold. Let’s keep him warm by making his old jacket a little more fluffier by using Soft Feathers from the Peacock and get a cute baby Baladi Rabbit as a reward.

If you are level 15 or above, the "Jacket of All Trades" popup will appear. Click on the "Place Sewing Booth" button to begin this feature.

Collect all the materials needed to build the Sewing Booth.

Then, invite your friends as builders or hire them using Farmbucks.

This is how it would look like when it’s finished.

The Sewing Booth requires Adult Peacocks on your Farm. A prompt window will pop up if you don’t have enough to let you know how many more Peacocks you still need. To see all the available Peacocks from the General Store, click the “See More Peacocks!” button.

Note: The more adult Peacocks you have, the more chances of getting rare feathers.

Click on the Sewing Booth to see the menu. There are sets of feather items that you need to complete: Feather Sleeve, Feather Hood, and Feather Lapel.

You will need Soft Feathers to make them. There are four easy ways to get them. First is by feeding your adult Peacocks.

Second is by crafting it in your Workshop. You will need Brown Feather and Lavender Oil to craft it. But if you’re lacking any of the materials needed, you can ask your friends for help or call your Co-op.

Third is by completing the “Skaters Gonna Skate” line of quest.

And lastly, by purchasing it using Farmbucks.

Now let’s make that soft and fluffy feather jacket and get that furry fluffy, little Rabbit!