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Discover the tasty Banana Yucca!...GUIDE

Although the Banana Yucca plant grows in wastelands, it produces a nutritious, sweet, and delicious fruit! Get to know the "Discover the tasty Banana Yucca!" Limited Edition items more in your General Store! You can also read about this game update below and don't forget to share with us your favorite item.

Life's a Farm. Dig it.

New Limited Edition Trees:

Raffia Palm-Fiber Tree - 12 Farm Bucks

Heirloom Golden Trumpet Tree - 25 Farm Bucks

Golden Trumpet Tree - 12 Farm Bucks

Heirloom Boxwood Tree - 23 Farm Bucks

Boxwood Tree - 11 Farm Bucks

Heirloom Raffia Palm-Fiber Tree - 25 Farm Bucks

New Limited Edition Animals:

Limousin Black-Butt Mini Pig - 41 Farm Bucks

Kalmyk Cow - 43 Farm Bucks

Baby Bermeya Mini Goat - 28 Farm Bucks

Baby Limousin Black-Butt Mini Pig - 28 Farm Bucks

Baby North Adriatic Donkey - 30 Farm Bucks

Bermeya Mini Goat - 41 Farm Bucks

Baby Kalmyk Cow - 30 Farm Bucks

North Adriatic Donkey - 43 Farm Bucks

New Limited Edition Crops:

Banana Yucca - 44 Coins, used in Recipes

Crafting Kitchen Recipes:

Banana Yucca Waffle - Banana Yucca + Wheat, sells for 2,360 Coins

Banana Yucca Cassava Cake - Banana Yucca + Egg, sells for 2,500 Coins

Crafting Workshop Recipes:

Beaded Golden Trumpet Earrings - Golden Trumpet + Crafting Beads, sells for 2,700 Coins

Raffia Clutch - Raffia Palm-Fiber + Rope, sells for 2,790 Coins

Raffia Shoes - Raffia Palm-Fiber + Twine String, sells for 2,790 Coins

Golden Trumpet Garden Stake - Golden Trumpet + Horseshoe, sells for 2,900 Coins