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"The Rodeo Arena" Official Guide!

What do square dancing, Cowboy Hat, and Bulls remind you? A Rodeo, of course! Sounds fun, right? Let’s help Marie set up a Rodeo Arena and get your bulls ready. You will get Farmville’s very first baby White Ferret as a reward.

If you are level 15 or above, the "Let’s Get this Show on the Rodeo!" popup will appear. Click on the "Start Building" button to begin this feature.

First, collect all the materials needed to build the Rodeo Arena then click the “Start Building” button.

Next, ask your friends to help you build it or hire them using Farmbucks.

The Rodeo Arena will be automatically placed outside your Farm and this is how it would look like.

Click the Rodeo Arena to see the menu and start completing the Week 1 Quest.

There are 4 Quests for each week. Complete each quests and a Check Mark will show your progress. Once you've completed all four Quests from Week 1, you can redeem the Wild West Wind Vane as your reward. Complete the bonus Quest to get more rewards!

We know you’re excited to complete the next set of Quests and earns rewards. Fret not! it will be unlocked in the coming weeks.

Additional decorations will be added to the Rodeo Arena every time you complete the Quests for each week.

And after completing all the Quests for each week, you can watch a cool animation where you and your friends gather for the Rodeo event.

Let’s get the Rodeo Arena ready and let’s ride ‘em, Cowboy!