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The Sprouts Need Your Help!...GUIDE

Oh no! Percy and his sprout troops are trapped up on Mount Leghorn with no way back down because of a terrible snowstorm. Let’s all help by collecting Survival Kits which will be delivered by a Biplane to keep the Sprouts going. Tons of great rewards are waiting for you, for helping keep the kids safe.

If you are level 16 or above, the "The Sprouts Need Your Help!" popup will appear. Click on the "Let’s Go!" button to begin this feature.

You can access the feature by clicking The Sprouts Need Your Help icon on the upper left corner of your screen.

Collect Survival Kits for Percy and the Sprouts. This is a community oriented event so every contribution you make counts!

Survival Kits will be contributed to the community goal if you complete the tasks.

Unlock rewards by completing the milestones from the Community Goal. You will only be qualified to claim the rewards if you have contributed enough supplies to reach the intended target.

You can also keep track of your personal goals while earning great rewards. Complete all 3 stages to be eligible for the community rewards and everyone in the community can claim it!

A total of 7 rewards can be claimed from completing “The Sprouts Need Your Help” feature. 3 from the Community Rewards and 4 from the personal progress.

Community rewards:

Reward 1: Baby Tennessee Fainting Goat

Reward 2: Pedigree 4 Baby Dappled Appaloosa Horse

Reward 3: Harvestable Mountainside Firepit

Personal Progress rewards:

Reward 1: 10 Water, 5 Super Feed

Reward 2: Mountainside Bench

Reward 3: 6 Hour Water Certificate

Reward 4: Instabloom

Hover your mouse over on a certain reward to see what kind of reward that you will be getting. You can use these rewards to help you speed up your progress.

Ask your friends for help by sending a Knapsack that they can fill in for you. It will speed up the progress because you will get to contribute extra Survival Kits and get cool rewards.

In case you forget how the feature works? Click the “?” button for help.

Let's rescue Percy and the Sprouts, and help them reunite with their families!