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Ferret Play Pool! (Official Guide)

Gus found a baby Cinnamon Ferret that fell in love with a baby European River Otter! Keep them both on your farm and help them feel at home by building a Ferret Play Pool!

If you are level 15 or higher, the “Love Ferreternity!” popup will appear. Click on the “Place Ferret Play Pool” button to start this feature.

Collect all materials to begin building the pool.

Then, ask friends to help finish it or hire builders.

Once the building is complete, your Ferret Play Pool will look like this.

Click on the building to view the menu. There are two tasks to complete in order to get the animals: “Welcome the Ferret!” and “Appease the Otter!”

For “Welcome the Ferret!” tasks, you need to get 5 sets of Training Balls and craft 5 Secret Toy Baskets.

To collect Training Balls, you have to complete 5 quests from “A Corny Love Story!” line of quests. Begin completing the quests by clicking on the “Go To Quest!” button on the menu.

You can also access “A Corny Love Story!” by clicking on its icon on the left-hand corner of your screen.

To begin crafting Secret Toy Baskets, click on the “Make It!” button in the menu.

The Crafting Workshop will open and you’ll see the materials needed to make the toys. If you do not have enough materials, you can always post for help or call your Co-op!

Once you’ve collected all the Training Balls and Secret Toy Baskets, you can now welcome the baby Cinnamon Ferret on your farm!

For “Appease the Otter” tasks, three types of items must be crafted: 5 Crochet Ferret Toys, 5 Felt Burlap Pillows, and 5 Play Pebbles. Begin making these items by clicking on each of the “Make It!” buttons.

Once you craft all of the items, the baby European Otter can join his friend on your farm.

Who wouldn’t want to have the first ferret on their farm? Go ahead, build your pools and adopt these animals!

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