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The Rodeo Guesthouse!...GUIDE

There are so many visitors in town due to the Rodeo. Things are super busy at Barb’s B&B! So busy that there isn’t enough space for the visitor’s animals.

That’s why Walter’s come to your farm, asking for help. He wants you to build a Rodeo Guesthouse for these Rodeo animals. What’s more, he’s willing to give you a cute baby Mini Gyr Cow for all your hard work!

Getting Started

If you are level 15 or higher, the “A Rodeo Retreat!” popup will appear. Click on the “Build Rodeo Guesthouse!” to begin this feature.

You begin building by collecting the materials you need.

Next, you ask your friends to help or you can hire builders.

Your finished Rodeo Guesthouse, which is automatically placed outside your farm, will look like this:

Cute no?

Click on the building to go inside the Rodeo Guesthouse!

Checking-in Guests with Permits

You need to get rooms ready for the animals and for this you have to get Permits. There are two types of Permits to collect, Premium Permits and Standard Permits. Get Premium Permits by feeding and raising baby animals using Baby Bottles. Super Feed and Feed adult animals to get Standard Permits.

There are five rooms to be used in the Rodeo Guesthouse. There is also a Reception area where an animal will wait till one of the rooms are empty.

When the animal has checked out, you will receive Rodeo Star Reviews. Click on the Collect button to get them from all rooms.

Full House Bonus

Each rooms you fill give you some amount of bonus Rodeo Star Reviews from the Full House Bonus tracker! The more the merrier! Remember to fill all five rooms to get the most bonus Rodeo Star Reviews from guests!


Get as many Rodeo Star Reviews as you can. Take note that you will start earning rewards when you reached specific milestones.

70 Rodeo Star Reviews = 8 Lucky Horseshoe Fences

220 Rodeo Star Reviews = 2 Ponytail Palm Trees

440 Rodeo Star Reviews = 1 Cozy Guesthouse

660 Rodeo Star Reviews = a baby Mini Gyr Cow

Helper Cards

You can also get more Permits by using Helper Cards. You can get Helper Cards by posting or buying Reception Bells.

Your Animal Guests

Your friends and neighbors will bring a steady stream of animal guests to your Rodeo Guesthouse. Some of the animals are rare and very distinct-looking, and an owner just might make you an offer to keep the animal for your very own! When purchased, these special animals will give you twice the number of Permits when you Feed, Super Feed and raise them!

So what are you waiting for! There are so many Rodeo animals waiting to stay at your Rodeo Guesthouse!