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Shake it Off!...Shake Stall GUIDE

What a fantastic and exciting time everyone is having at the Rodeo! I bet the performers must be famished after all the activities they went through. So, let’s set up a Shake Stall where they can get cool refreshments. In return, you will win lots of great prizes and a baby Black Cornwall Pig!

If you are level 15 or above, the "Shake Till you Drop!" popup will appear. Click on the "Place Shake Stall!" button to begin this feature.

The first step in building the stall is to collect the materials you need.

Next step is to ask your friends for help or here builders.

You’re finished, Shake Stall will look like this:

Click on the stall to open the menu. In the Shake Stall, you need to collect Swirly Straws and there are 3 easy ways to get this item.

The first way is to craft goods. Click on any of the goods that you want to craft. Take note that each of the goods give out a different number of Swirly Straws.

When you’re crafting, you might be in need of materials. But do not worry as you can always ask for help by posting on your wall or calling your co-op. You also have the option to buy the material you need.

You can also get Swirly Straws by posting a request on your wall so your friends can send you one.

Lastly, get Swirly Straws by purchasing them.

Lastly, get Swirly Straws by purchasing them.

You can keep track of the number of Swirly Straws you’ve collected by checking the counter at the right-hand corner of the Menu or from Walter at the bottom. From the counter, you can also check the time you’re left with, before the feature expires.

You may have noticed that some of the goods are still unlocked. Watch this space and you will be able to craft them as soon as they’re made available in the coming weeks.

As you collect Swirly Straws, you will reach certain milestones where you can win additional rewards. A green checkmark will indicate your progress.

Each week gives out different rewards so keep collecting Swirly Straws:

Week 1: Water and a Shake Stall

Week 2: Salt and 2 shake Lamp Posts.

Week 3: Baby Bottles and a Shake Fence.

Once you have collected all the Swirly Straws, the baby Black Cornwall Pig and 10 Favors are all yours.

These are definitely great rewards to add to your farm, so build your Shake Stall and collect all the Swirly Straws!

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