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The Rich Order Board! (Official Guide)

Guess what Marie recently discovered! Rich produce! Yes, you read that right. She discovered that we can now harvest rich produce from our Farms. All you need to do is fertilize your crops and trees and Super-Feed your animals. Let’s work on getting rich produce and get awesome rewards and a beautiful Wagon Shed.

If you are level 50 or above, the "Introducing an All-New Rich Order Board" popup will appear. Click on the "Let’s Go!" button to begin this feature.

Complete orders to earn points. You need at least 3000 Rich Points to get the final reward.

Make any pattern of four orders - horizontally, vertically, or diagonally for extra 150 Rich Points. Your order board will refresh when you do this.

You’ll get to open one Gift Box that contains exciting rewards, every time you complete a pattern. Simply choose and click the Gift Box to open it.

Making multiple pattern on the same board will give you more Rich Points and Gift Boxes to open.

Make any two patterns on the same board and get 350 extra Rich Points plus 2 Gift Boxes. Make three patterns on the same board and get 650 extra Rich Points plus 3 Gift Boxes.

You can also purchase ‘Mist’ to increase the number of points you get per order to get you ahead of the game! There are different levels of Mist that keep giving you more points.

Amazing, isn’t it?

Click the “View Ingredients” button to see the ingredients required for each orders.

You can always go back to the main menu by clicking the “Back” button.

There are only certain types of crops, trees, and animals that produce rich output. How would you know which crop, tree, or animal will produce rich outputs? Check the Market Stand if an item has a BLUE STAR (marked) beside it.

Want to know your current rank among other players? Check out the Leaderboard! You will also get a reward from the Leaderboard if you’re amongst the top 3 ranks.

Complete the tasks from the Bonus Cards to earn extra Rich Points. It will help you reach the target Rich Points faster.

Forgot? or need help on how the feature works? Click the “?” button.