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Great Excavations!...GUIDE

What an amazing surprise! Marie found a Sundial near your farm. It was built by your great-grandpappy to mark the hour of your grandpappy’s birth! But this family heirloom is missing its parts. Go look for the Sundial pieces in the cave and learn more about the history of of your family heirloom. Find the missing pieces and you will receive so many cool rewards when you’re done! Hone your farming skills with all new game mechanic, whilst excavating the cave!

If you are level 25 or higher, the “Great Excavations!” popup will appear. Simply click on the “Okay!” button to proceed with the feature.

Get a head start on the feature by clicking on the “Start Now!” button. You can also opt to wait when the feature is released to everyone.

Then click on the “Let’s Go!” button to begin the excavations.

The Marble Sundial is automatically placed outside your farm. Click on it to view the menu.

To excavate the cave and find the 4 Sundial pieces, you will need Shale Picks which you can get by performing tasks in your farm. There are 10 Tasks Cards and each has a variety of tasks to complete. Take note that you get 1 Shale Pick when you finished 12 tasks in the Task Card.

Having problems with the tasks? No worries! You can get help by getting boosts with the use of Granite Picks. Collect Granite Picks by completing tasks in the Task Card within the specified time.

The picks you have collected will be used to dig into different blocks in the cave. When you have enough picks, access the cave by clicking on the map at the upper right corner of the menu.

To start searching, click on your Shale Pick then select a cave block you want to excavate.

There are hidden resources in the cave you can get when you excavate using the Shale Pick.

You can use your Granite Pick on the blocks at the right side of the cave. Here you can find boosts to help with your tasks. Start digging by clicking on a cave block. You need to dig from top to bottom and the blocks that you can excavate will be highlighted for you.

The boost that you uncovered is valid only for the Task Card that you are presently completing. So choose a task wisely to be able to utilize the boost you found. Avail of the boost by clicking on the “Use” button.

Keep track of the tasks you have completed by checking the Task Counter.

You get additional rewards when you reach milestone in your excavations. A green checkmark shows your progress.

Keep excavating the cave and once you find a piece, it will be added in the Sundial on your farm.

Want to know the history of your family heirloom? Just click on the “Exclusive Quest!” to view its story. The family history quest is only available to players who purchase the Early Unlock.

Just remember to finish the quests before you complete the Sundial.

Now, isn’t this an adventure you wouldn’t miss? So, start excavating to restore the Sundial and win great rewards!

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