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Riveting Rivers!...GUIDE

Wow! The wonders of Spring are truly amazing as everything comes back to life just like the Appaloosa River. And do you know who can teach us a lot about this river? Walter, of course! He will teach you all about it when you have built a River Study Table on your farm. After your lessons, you will earn a baby Iowa Silver Grey Chicken.

If you are level 15 or higher, the “Riveting Rivers!” popup will appear. Just click on the “Place River Study Table” button to start building.

First step in building the table is to collect the materials.

Second step is to ask your friends for help or you can hire builders.

When these steps are complete, your River Study Table will look like this:

Now, click on the table to view the menu. In the River Study Table, you need to collect River Points.

To get River Points, you must complete Scraps. How do you get complete Scraps? Easy! All you need to do is, collect Tokens!

Tokens can be collected by doing tasks in your farm. Here are the 3 kinds of Tokens you will use and how to get them:

  1. Animal Tokens: Raise, feed, Super Feed and grow to Prize animals to get

  2. Crop Tokens: Harvest crops. Fertilize your crops for a better chance of getting tokens.

  3. Tree Tokens: Harvest trees. Fertilizing your trees gives a better chance of getting tokens.

You can always keep track of the Tokens you have collected by checking this counter:

After you have collected enough Tokens, you can begin completing scraps to earn River Points. In choosing a scrap to complete, take note that each scrap needs a specific number of Tokens and gives out different points.

When you have completed a scrap, choose the next scrap to work on. Keep working on your scraps to get more points.

Want to work on your scraps faster? There are Helper Cards that you can use.

You can get more Helper Cards by asking your friends for Chips. You can also purchase them using Farm Bucks.

You can check the number of River Points you have collected through this counter:

You start earning rewards when you reach specific milestones.

You also can get bonus rewards when you reach a milestone at a specified time. To view the bonus and how long you need to complete the milestone, simply click on the reward.

Collect all the River Points to get the baby Iowa Silver Grey Chicken and a Favor.

Start working on your table to get all these amazing rewards!