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Design Your Snuggle Seat! (Official Guide)

Rusty and Gus found old pictures of a loveseat that Marie’s dad made for her mom. They want to recreate it for Marie and each one is looking for the best design. Hmm! Seems like we’re seeing the start of a love triangle where the two eligible bachelors in the county vie for Marie’s attention.

They want you to help choose how it will look! Build a Design Bay to get started on designing the loveseat. By helping them, you will be able to customize a beautiful garden seat for the first time ever and share a picture of your design with friends! Collect Design Points so you can customize the Loveseat. For your work, you’ll get an adorable baby Chocolate Comtois Horse!

If you are level 15 or higher, the “Design Your Snuggle Seat!” will appear. Click on the “Start Building” button to build the Design Bay and start designing the loveseat.

The Design Bay’s construction scaffold will then be automatically placed outside your farm near the foraging area. To start building, collect all the needed materials.

Then, ask friends to help or hire them as builders.

The finished Design Bay will look like this.

Click on the building to view the menu. On the right side, you’ll see the blueprint of the Snuggle Seat and the various parts that you can customize. To unlock these parts, you need to earn Design Points.

Note: You need to unlock the Frame part first before the Loveseat part can be unlocked.

To collect Design Points, you need to complete tasks shown in the task shelves. These tasks are locked and to be able to access them, simply raise or get adult ferrets.

Note: Each “Task shelf” has its own requirement of ferrets to be unlocked.

These ferrets will also be very useful in your designs as they will also provide the Fur Trims that you’ll need for crafting. Get Fur Trims by feeding your ferrets.

You can also get Design Points by completing the quests in “The Secret Admirer” line of quests.

Another way to get Design Points is to post for help.

Once you have the adult ferrets in your farm, you can begin doing the tasks. Take note that each task gives out a different number of Design Points.

You can always check on the number of Design Points you have collected through the tracker on the lower left part of the menu.

You start earning rewards when you reach specific milestones. A green checkmark will show your progress.

5 Design Points = Unlocks the Frame part

25 Design Points = Sapele Tree

55 Design Points = Unlocks the Loveseat part

110 Design Points = Resource Pack

180 Design Points = Unlocks the Bower part, a baby Chocolate Comtois Horse, and 10 Favors

NOTE: When you reach a milestone that unlocks a part of the Snuggle Seat, you’re unlocking thecustomization choices for that part and not the physical part itself. You’ll get to keep the whole Snuggle Seat once you finish the feature after unlocking all the parts.

When you have enough Design Points, the Frame part is unlocked and you can toggle between the buttons to choose which of the 2 designs you like for the Snuggle Seat.

Collect all the needed Design Points to get all the baby Chocolate Comtois Horse, which is a perfect fit for your farm!

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