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The Spectacular Songbirds!...GUIDE

Wendell and his pet songbird Mia have been traveling for weeks since they lost their map and they need a place to rest. Give these partners shelter and Wendell will teach you all about songbirds so you can have one of your own.

If you are level 24 or above, the "Chirrp! Beautiful Songbirds Are Here!" popup will appear. Click on the "Let’s Go!" button to know more about this feature.

There will be a lot of music in your farm as the Songbirds are here. By completing 6 lessons from Wendell you can win tunes. The more tunes you have, the more songbirds that will be attracted to your farm. Click on the “"Let’s Get Started!" button to proceed.

The “Songsters of the Tree!” popup will then appear. If you want to start learning lessons right away, click on the “Start Now!” button and get an extra week to get all the tunes! You can also begin later when the feature is released to everyone.

After you click the “Start Now!” button, the Native Songbird Tree is then automatically placed outside your farm. Click on it to open the feature.

There are 6 Lessons that Wendell prepared for you. You have to finish the first lesson before you can proceed to the next.

These 6 Lessons will help you raise your Songbird.

Each Lesson has a set of tasks and the first set of tasks must be completed before you can move on to the next set.

A check mark indicates that you have completed a task. You can now proceed to the next task in the Lesson.

You will get rewards when you complete each Lesson. Simply click on the “Claim Rewards!” Button to redeem them.

What’s more, when you finish the Lessons ahead of time, you earn extra Tunes!

That’s not all the treat you get for completing Lessons. Your Songbird Tree will transform after each Lesson you’ve finished.

And another treat is that you’ll get to hear your Songbird practice singing so make sure that your game’s sound is activated!

After the first Lesson, you can now choose the mode of game play that best suits you. Take note that once you’ve chosen a mode of play, you will not be able to change it until you have completed the ongoing lesson. (selecting Challenge mode gives more tunes)

You can also check the Musical Meter of Reward and the prizes by clicking the “View Reward Level” button. Want more Songbirds? Then collect more Tunes!

See your beautiful Songbird grow when you’ve finished all 6 Lessons. Want more Songbirds? Then collect more Tunes!

Your Songbird is raring to sing for you so start your Lessons and earn these awesome rewards!