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De-Pendant On You! Official Guide

De-Pendant On You!

Who would have guessed? Percy has a crush on the girl next door, Sally! No wonder he’s so happy to receive a bracelet from her. In return, he wants to make her a special Pebble pendant necklace. Since this is a secret, you can help him with this gift by collecting pebbles and making pendants in your Pendant Crafting Desk. When all pendants are finished, you will get a baby White Jamnapari Goat.

If you are level 15 or higher, the “De-Pendant On You!” popup will appear. Click on the “Place Pendant Crafting Desk!” button to begin the feature.

Start building the desk by collecting all the materials needed.

Next, ask your friends to help or hire builders.

Your finished Pendant Crafting Desk will look like this:

The Pendant Crafting Desk requires adult Otters on your Farm. A prompt window will pop up if you don’t have enough to let you know how many more Otters you still need. To see all the available Otters from the General Store, click the “See More Otters” button.

Click on the building to open the menu. There are three types of Pebble pendants that you need to make: Oval, Teardrop, and Heart.

To make these pendants, you have to collect pebbles and there are four easy ways to get them:

  1. Feed your adult Otters. Get more adult Otters so you’ll have better chances of getting all the needed pebbles.

2. Craft Pebbles.

If you are in need of ingredients, simply call your Co-op or post for help:

3. Complete quests in the “So-fish-ticated!” line of quests.

4. Purchase Pebbles using Farmbucks.

Keep track of the number of pebbles you’ve collected by checking the counter on the lower left portion of the menu.

When you have collected pebbles, you can begin making pendants by clicking on the “Make 1” button.

Make all the pendants in your Pendant Crafting Desk and get the baby White Jamnapari Goat.

This awesome reward is waiting for you so start making those special pendants!