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The Ville To Win!...Official GUIDE

Have you heard the latest exciting news? Marie is hosting a sports competition for our townsfolk - the FarmVillathon! This is the biggest sports competition the County will ever see and it will be full of games and adventure. You can help her organize this event and get FarmVille’s first baby Lavender Guineafowl as a reward!

If you are level 15 or higher, the "The Ville To Win" popup will appear. Click on the "Start Building" button to begin this feature.

Start building the FarmVillathon Arena by collecting the materials you need.

Next, ask your friends for help or hire builders.

The finished FarmVillathon Arena, which is automatically placed outside your farm near the foraging area, will look like this:

Click the FarmVillathon Arena to see the menu and start completing the Week 1 Quest.

You need to complete 4 Quests for each week. As you complete quests, a Check Mark will show your progress. When you've completed all four Quests from Week 1, you can redeem the Hay Bale Garden Couch as your reward. Complete the bonus Quest to get more rewards!

Also, after completing all the Quests for each week, a special treat awaits you. Watch players compete in a sporting event in your Arena and cheer for your favorite.

With Week 1 complete you only need wait for the next set of Quests that will be unlocked in the coming weeks.

I bet you’re raring to to get to the games so complete all quests and get that rare baby Lavender Guineafowl!