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Pet Homestay! Official Guide

Pet Homestay!

Heard about the cyclists that were passing through the county? Some of our farmers would like to join them on a short trip and were wondering if you could provide their pets with a place to stay while they’re away. For your efforts, you can choose between these two rewards: a cute baby Rathi Cow or a pretty Grand Stone Fountain.

If you are level 15 or higher, the “All For The Pet-Ter!” popup will appear. Click on the “Build Pet Homestay!” button to begin the feature.

To begin building your homestay, first you need to collect all the required materials.

Next, ask your friends for help or hire builders.

Your finished Pet Homestay, which is automatically placed outside your farm, will look like this:

Click on the building to go inside your Pet Homestay.

Checking-in Pets with Permits

Before you can accommodate the pets, you’ll need Permits to get the rooms ready. It is very simple to earn Permits. How? Just tend to your own farm animals.

There are two types of Permits to collect: Premium Permits and Standard Permits. Get Premium Permits by raising baby animals, by using Baby Bottles. Super Feed and Feed adult animals to get Standard Permits.

There are five rooms to be used in the Pet Homestay - 3 Premium Rooms and 2 Standard Rooms. A pet waiting for a room to be vacant can be found at the Reception.

Each time a pet checks out, you will receive Homestay Star Reviews. To get the reviews, click on the Collect button.

Full House Bonus

Earn bonus Homestay Star Reviews in the Full House Bonus tracker. The more rooms used by your pet visitors, the more Homestay Star Reviews you get! So, make sure to fill up your rooms.


You start earning rewards when you reach specific milestones.

65 Homestay Star Reviews = 8 Garden Roof Fences

200 Homestay Star Reviews = 2 Pumpkin Ash Trees

400 Homestay Star Reviews = 1 Mini Pet Homestay

660 Homestay Star Reviews = Baby Rathi Cow or Grand Stone Fountain

Helper Cards

You can also get more Permits by using Helper Cards. You can get Helper Cards by posting or buying Reception Bells.

Choose Your Reward – it's Your Reward and Your Choice!

For the first time, we’re giving you an option to choose the reward of your choice! You can select between the Baby Rathi Cow or Grand Stone Fountain as your reward. If you want both the rewards, you can play the feature second time around to win the reward you missed out on the first round.

Your Pet Guests

The county farmers will be bringing their pets to your Pet Homestay. Some of their pets are rare and unique, and an owner just might make you an offer to keep the pet for your very own! When purchased, these special pets will give you twice the number of Permits when you Feed, Super Feed and raise them!

There are many awesome rewards waiting for you so start collecting reviews!