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Riverside Crafting Shack! Official Guide

Riverside Crafting Shack!

Captain Jack is back! He’s excited to be in your farm as he will make famous your farm’s produce down the Appaloosa river. But first, he’ll need some permits in place before he can start working with you. These permits will allow you to go to Painter’s County to sell orders.

If you are level 65 and above, you have the chance to early unlock now, instead of waiting till level 100. The clock is ticking fellow farmers!

Once the “It’s Time to Set Sail!” popup appears, Click on the “Buy Now!” button to visit the Exclusive Painter’s County, exclusive boat and the chance to win a uniquely colored Riverside Dock!

On clicking the “I’ll Wait!” button, the boat leaves temporarily. You then have the option to buy the early unlock by clicking on the riverside crafting shack present on your farm near the river.

After buying the early unlock, you will be granted with the exclusive deco, exclusive boat and a pedigree 2 cow. Also, you will gain access to the Painter’s County where you have the chance to win painted Riverside shack.

Early Unlock Rewards

20 Anchor theme fence and a light house.

A Boat house which can be placed in water too!

A pedigree 2 baby Eastern Finnish Cow

The county will be available for a week, so get started early to have better chances on claiming the shack.

If you are level 100 or higher and have decided to skip the early unlock benefits, the “It’s Time to Get Rich, Get Famous!” popup will appear. Click on the “Show Me!” button to learn more

Here is a sneak peek to the riverside dock with the exclusive early unlock boat.

Deluxe Riverboat

The Deluxe Riverboat shows Captain Jack’s River Map. This map will track your progress through the Appaloosa River as you sell your rich produce the counties, in weekly challenges provided by each county on the map.

Only when you win the weekly goal you will be able to play the next town the next week, else you would need to play the same town again for that week.

The red colored county are the counties which unlocks new rich upgrades for you after completing the weekly challenge.

Refer to the “?” for further details on the map.


On completing the weekly challenge, the county rewards you with Doubloons, which are used to buy new Rich upgrades for your farm.

Rich Upgrades

To get an upgrade, click on the Upgrade tool then choose Riverside

For starters, Captain Jack gifted you with a Level 5 Field which you can place in your farm.

Click on the field then select Upgrade. Each upgrade will require Doubloons and Favors

Once you complete the upgrade with the free doubloons and favors gifted by Captain Jack, you will now have Level 1 Rich Field. The Level 1 Rich Field gives you guaranteed Rich Produce on fertilizing or instagrowing the crops.

Riverside Market Stall

The Riverside Market Stall is where you can complete orders given by each county, to earn doubloons.

When you click on the stall, you can access Marie’s Rich Order Board and see your orders. Complete the orders to meet your weekly goal and earn more doubloons, to spend on the Rich Upgrades.

You can also access the order board by clicking on the below icon.

This also shows your progress on the order board. The anchor shows that you have sold the orders whereas the tick shows the order which are ready to be sold.

Perform tasks in your farm or craft recipes to complete orders. You get extra points if you connect patterns of 4 or use Bonus Cards.

Each order you complete gives you Doubloons and Rich points to meet your weekly challenge.

You have 7 days to complete the challenge and move to the next county. At the end of every week, Marie will come and take up extra Rich produce from your and in return will give you doubloons.

Earning doubloons by making patterns is a better to earn extra rich points towards weekly challenge completion. To see the different patterns you can make, simply click on the Question Mark icon in the menu.

To get rich produce, you need to fertilize or Insta-grow trees and crops. For animals, you need to super-feed them. To identify which crop/ trees and animals give you the rich produce, check out the market and look for Rich icon (white tag with blue star).

Check how many Doubloon you have collected here:

Riverside Crafting Shack

The Riverside Crafting Shack is where you can craft the exclusive recipes for your Rich Order Board.

Captain Jack is waiting for you and so are these awesome rewards!