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Activating Adobe Flash to play FarmVille

Hello Farmers! ** I personally have to do this ea. and every single time!**

Here are the (FAQs) Frequently asked questions about activating Adobe Flash to play FarmVille 2

1. What is Adobe Flash?

Adobe Flash is a piece of software that helps run FarmVille 2 on your browser (i.e., Chrome or Firefox). It is what allows you to see and interact with all the lovely crops, animals, decorations, etc., on your farm.

2. Why do I have to activate Flash now?

If you’ve been playing FarmVille 2, it means that Flash has so far had permission to run on your browser all this time. However, recent changes made by Adobe mean that you will need to give it permission to run once more on your browser. Without doing this, you won’t be able to access your farm, and that would break our hearts. :(

3. Will I have to keep giving it permission to run?

No, this should be a one-time step if you choose “Always Allow” on Chrome or “Allow and Remember” on Firefox. This will ensure that your browser remembers your choice every time you play the game!

4. Will my farm be safe?

FarmVille 2 has always run on Adobe Flash. Giving it permission to be activated again will ensure that your farming experience will continue to be the same it was before. Without it, your farm won’t be able to load again.

5. How do I activate Flash to play again?

For Firefox users:

For Chrome users: