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Lessons in Hospitalitea! Official Guide

The holiday season’s coming up, and Barbara’s excited to host elegant tea parties! But as always, she may not attend any – they’re sure to be ruined by sloppy children! This season, however, she’d like to do something about it. It’s time the town’s kids learned a thing or two about etiquette! Barbara will train them to be good hosts, but they’re quite a handful, so she’ll need your help!

Build a Tea Cart on your farm and host Etiquette Lessons with her. For your effort, you’ll get a baby American Southdown Sheep!

If you are at level 30 or higher, the “Lessons in Hospitalitea!” popup will appear.

Click on the “Place Tea Cart” button to begin this feature.

Start building the cart by collecting all the materials you need

Then, ask your friends for help or hire builders.

Once complete, the cart will look like this:

To start the training, click on the cart. You can see on the top of the menu that there four Etiquette Lessons that you will host: Order, Poise, Elegance, and Grace. Only the first lesson is accessible now as this must be completed first before the next one is unlocked.

Each of the lessons has its corresponding set of rewards that you can win.

You can start hosting lessons by collecting Tea Cards and inviting friends to attend.

Tea Cards are so easy to collect. How? Here are four ways to do it:

  1. Complete farm tasks. Each lesson has different tasks that you can choose from. Note that each task gives you a different number of Tea Cards.

2. Complete quests in the “The Snooty Visitor” line of quests.

3. Click on the Post button on the lower left part of the menu. Ask your friends for help so they can send you Tea Cards.

4. You can also purchase Tea Cards using Farm Bucks.

You can always keep track of how many Tea Cards you’ve collected by checking the Card Counter.

After collecting 10 Tea Cards, you need to invite 4 friends to attend the lessons.