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A Recipe For Success - Official Guide Nov.7, 2017

Can you smell the heavenly aromas coming from kitchens around the County? Everyone’s been so inspired by all the recipes shared at the Farmer’s Meet that they’ve been cooking up a storm! This gave Marie a fantastic idea! She’s been meaning to make a holiday cookbook that has all the County’s favorite recipes and what better time than this! Help Marie make the best cookbook yet! Build a Cookbook Counter on your farm and complete Recipe Cards.

For your efforts, you will get a baby Frosted White Mini Donkey!

If you are at level 15 or higher, the “A Recipe For Success!” popup will appear. Click on the “Place Buildable!” button to begin this feature.

To start building the counter, you must first collect all the materials you need.

Then, ask your friends for help or you can hire builders.

After building, this is what your Cookbook Counter will look like:

Click on the building to view the menu. In the Cookbook Counter you will be completing Recipe Cards to collect Recipe Points. How do you complete Recipe Cards? Simple! You can complete them by collecting Tokens.

Where do you get Tokens? You can get Tokens by completing farm tasks. Here are the three kinds of Tokens to collect:

1. Animal Tokens: Raise, feed, Super Feed and grow to Prize animals.

2. Crop Tokens: Harvest crops. Fertilize your crops for a better chance of getting tokens.

3. Tree Tokens: Harvest trees. Fertilizing your trees gives a better chance of getting tokens.

Keep doing farm tasks to get as many Tokens as you can. Keep track of how many you have collected by checking the Token Counter on the left side of the menu.

Once you have collected enough Tokens, you can begin completing Recipe Cards to earn Recipe Points. Take note that each card needs a specific number of Tokens and gives out different points.

After you have completed a card, you’ll have to choose another Recipe Card to work on. In making a selection, take note once again that each choice requires a specific number of Tokens and awards different points.

You can complete Recipe Cards faster by using Helper Cards.

Want to know how many Recipe Points you have earned? Just check the Points Counter on the lower left corner of the menu.

You can start getting rewards when you’ve reached specific milestones. The orange bar will show your progress.