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Tips - Winter Wonderland

Welcome To A Winter Wonderland!

Once arriving at the Winter Wonderland Farm there are 14 days to enjoy all the resources available. Here are a few tips to assist you:


The water tower and Power from you windmill get added to the total available to you and carry over to your main farm even if you are at your limit. Fertilizer from feeding your animals will be added ONLY if you are Not at your limit for capacity. However, fertilizer from your fertilizer bin is added to your total even if you are at your limit. Feed can be made on both farms.

Decorations, Trees, and Animals:

These can be purchased either on your Winter Wonderland Farm or in the market for farm bucks. Prices on the farm show when you hold your cursor over each one. If you make a purchase on the Winter Wonderland farm, they go into your inventory and can be added to your home farm.

Water Crops:

Crops from the water fields go directly into your crop dryer on your home farm. National Fair Points and XP's:

Points and kindling for the National Fair and XP's are added to your total. Kindling can be used on your home farm.


Neighbors do not follow you to the Winter Wonderland Farm.

Visit your Winter Wonderland farm often to take advantage of all the resources available to you.

Happy Farming!