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The Magic Show - Official Guide 11/21/17

The Magic Show!

The mosaic colors of fall dazzles and bewitches! So, it’s no wonder that Gus finds this season the most magical of all. This autumn, he wants to put on a magic show for the county where he can perform the magic tricks he picked up at the Fall Carnival from some time ago. He also wants to involve the county animals in the show.
He will need help for the Magic Show, so build a Magician’s Tent in your farm and collect Magic Show Passes. For your efforts, you will win a baby Red Kentshire Mini Cow!
If you are at level 15 or higher, the “Abracadabra!” popup will appear. Click on the “Build Magician’s Tent” button to begin this feature.

Start building the tent by collecting the materials you need.

Then, ask your friends for help or you can hire builders

Your completed Magician’s Tent, which is automatically placed outside your farm near the foraging area, will look like this:

You now can start collecting Magic Show Passes by clicking on the tent.

Wondering how you’ll get the Magic Show Passes? There a four easy ways to collect this item:

1. Complete farm tasks. There are different tasks to choose from and each task gives out a different number of Magic Show Passes

Note: After you’ve finished one task, another task will take its place.

2. Complete quests in the “Disappearing Act” line of quests.

3. Click on the Post button to ask your friends for help

4. Buy Magic Show Passes using Farm bucks.

After completing a task, be prepared to be amazed as Gus will treat you and friends to a magic trick!

Then, you can collect and share your rewards

Keep completing tasks so you can collect Magic Show Passes. To know how many you’ve earned, check the pass counter on the lower left portion of the menu.

You start earning rewards when you’ve reached specific milestones in the Magician’s Tent. The yellow bar will show your progress.

Once you’ve reached a milestone, you can collect and share your reward.

There many simple farm tasks that you can complete and when you’ve collected all the Magic Show Passes needed, you’ll get the baby Red Kentshire Mini Cow and 10 Favors. After you have won the baby Red Kentshire Mini Cow, you will notice that the bonus quests have been unlocked. Complete these quests and you will win the Magician’s Tent for your farm!

Who does not love watching a Magic Show? What’s more is that you get to win lots of other cool rewards!