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Two Lost Deer - Official Guide 11/28/17

The Two Lost Deer!

Walter was in for shock this morning - hidden amidst the crowd of holiday decorations in his backyard were two baby deer! They clung to a reindeer statue, probably mistaking it for their mother. He had a hard time getting them away from there and when he did, he realized he had no idea how to tend to them! Walter wasted no time in coming to you for help. Can you take care of them? Adopt the baby Eld’s Deer and baby Pampas Deer on your farm and make them feel at home in your Deer Shelter.

If you are level 15 or higher, the “Deer Two Me!” popup will appear.

Click on the “Place Deer Shelter” button to access this feature.

Collect all the materials you need so you can begin building the shelter.

Then, ask your friends to help finish it or hire builders.

Once the building is complete, it will look like this:

Click on the building to begin adopting the two deer. You can see how the two deer look like and some basic facts about them on the left side of the menu.

For each of these deer, there are a set of tasks that you’ll need to complete. These tasks are shown on the right side of the menu.

There are two tasks left to complete for the baby Eld’s Deer: Collect 8 Cozy Quilts and make 5 Bouncy Balls. You can get Cozy Quilts by completing the “Oh Deer” line of quests. To access the quest, click on the “Go To Quest!” button on the menu.

You can also access the quest by clicking on its icon on the left side of the screen.

To craft the 5 Bouncy Balls, click on the “Make It!” button.

Once the Crafting Workshop opens, you will see the materials you can use to make the bouncy balls. If you are in need of these materials, you can always ask for help by clicking on the “Call My Co-op” or “Post” buttons.

Once you’ve completed the tasks for the baby Eld’s Deer, you can now adopt the animal!

For the baby Pampas Deer, you need to craft 5 Straw Baskets, 5 Felt Burlap Pillows, and 5 Fawn Treats.

After crafting the items, the baby Pampas Deer is now ready to be adopted.

With all the warmth and love you give them, the baby deer will fit wonderfully on your farm, so start adopting them now!


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