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A Second FarmVille Record! - Official Guide

We sure were a great team when we achieved the first FarmVille record with Maire’s Grand Feast! Let’s get together again and put in our collective efforts for the Second Farmville Record for the most number of Crop Circles created in a single county!

If you are level 17 or higher, you’ll receive an invite to join through the “A Second FarmVille Record!” popup. Click the “I’m ready!” button to participate.

You will then be able to view the event dialog. At the very top of the dialog, you’ll see the Community Rewards that you and your friends can win when you’ve accomplished the Community Goal of Crop Circles to collect.

There are three Community Goals to complete and each goal has its own reward.

Community Goal 1: Pedigree 4 Baby Strawberry Roan Quarter Horse

Community Goal 2: Pack of 2 Super Deluxe Sprinklers

Community Goal 3: Harvestable Raised Hideaway

To see how many Crop Circles the community has gathered, you can check the Crop Circles Contributed counter. You can also keep track of how many you’ve contributed to the goal by checking the Your Contribution counter just underneath.

To contribute even more Crop Circles to the community score, ask your friends to fill up your Lawn Roller Kit.

To unlock the Community rewards you must first unlock these Crop Circle Badges:

Bronze Crop Circle Badge: unlocks Pedigree 4 Baby Strawberry Roan Quarter Horse

Silver Crop Circle Badge: unlocks Pack of 2 Super Deluxe Sprinklers

Gold Crop Circle Badge: unlocks Harvestable Raised Hideaway

To get these badges, you must finish specific milestones on your personal progress bar not the community score.

You will also get rewards at these milestones: a Longleaf Pine Tree, Wheel Trellis Fences, a 6 Hour Water Certificate, and an Instabloom Machine.

Note: These are personal rewards and not community rewards.

Every time you complete three tasks, you’ll get a chance to win some more rewards by spinning the wheel

I bet we’ll achieve the national record in no time, so get working on those Crop Circles!