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The Gingerbread House! Official Guide Dec. 5th 2017

The Gingerbread House!

Barbara is planning something spectacular this season! She has been poring over baking books, but not for any ordinary bake. This is BIG! What she wants to bake is a giant Gingerbread House! She’s urging all the townsfolk to build one of their own, and the two of you can build one as an example for them. Since this one will stay on your farm, you get to design it in your own Design Workshop. For your creative efforts, you’ll be rewarded a baby Ferrandaise Cow!

If you are level 15 or higher, the “Home Sweet Home!” popup will appear. Click on the “Start Building” button to access this feature.

Start building your Design Workshop by collecting all the materials you need.

Then, ask your friends for help or hire builders.

Once the Design Workshop is finished, it’ll look like this:

Click on the building to view the menu. On the right side of the Design Workshop is the blueprint for the Gingerbread House. Next to it are the different parts that can be used to customize it. To unlock the parts, you need to collect Design Points.

You must unlock the Roof part before you can unlock the next part of your House. When you have enough Design Points, the Roof is unlocked and you can toggle between the buttons to choose which of the 2 designs you like for your Gingerbread House.

How do you collect Design Points? There are four easy ways to get them:

1. Complete the tasks shown on the task shelves on the left side of the Workshop.

These tasks are locked and you can access them by raising baby Guinea Pigs or getting adult Guinea Pigs. Add Guinea Pigs on your farm by clicking on the “Get Guinea Pigs” button.

Get as many Guinea Pigs as you can because they not only unlock tasks, but also provide Candy Buttons that are used for crafting. Once you have the Guinea Pigs, all you have to do is feed them to get Candy Buttons.

Once the shelves are unlocked, you can begin completing tasks. Note that each task gives out a different number of Design Points.

2. Complete the “The Big Fat Holiday Bash!“ line of quests.

3. Post for help so your friends can send you some

4. Purchase Design Points using Farm Bucks.

Keep track of how many Design Points you have collected by checking the counter at the lower left part of the Workshop.

You start getting rewards when you reach specific milestones in the Design Workshop. You’ll also unlock the parts of your Gingerbread House.

20 Design Points = unlocks the Roof

55 Design Points = Blue Gum Tree

125 Design Points = unlocks the Walls

230 Design Points = Resource Pack

420 Design Points = unlocks the Base, baby Ferrandaise Cow, and Favors

Note: When you reach a milestone that unlocks a part of the Gingerbread House, you’re unlocking the customization choices for that part and not the physical part itself. You’ll get to keep the whole Gingerbread House once you finish the feature after unlocking all the parts.

We can’t wait to see how wonderful your Gingerbread House will be, so start designing it and win awesome rewards!