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Party of the Year! Official Guide Dec. 19th. 2017

Party of the Year!

What wonderful news! We’ll be having three whole weeks of clear skies as the weatherman has predicted. So, let’s head outdoors where we’ll be gazing at the beautiful starry sky!

Marie has planned events for this activity but since it’s a lot of work she’ll be needing your help. Lend a hand by building your own Stargaze Party Table and for your efforts, you’ll get a cute baby Albino Ferret.

If you are level 15 or higher, the “Party of The Year!” popup will appear. Click on the “Build Stargaze Party Table!” button to begin this feature.

You start building the table by first collecting the materials you need.

Next, ask your friends for help or hire builders.

The finished table, which you can place anywhere in your farm, will look like this:

Click on the table to access the menu. You will be hosting four Stargazing events with Marie: Party Poppers! Carol Chorus! Photo Session!, and Fireworks Show!. As you can see on the upper portion of the menu, only the first event is unlocked as this must be completed first before the next one becomes accessible.

These events have their own set of tasks that you must complete.

They also have their corresponding set of rewards that you can win after completing the tasks. For the first event, you’ll get farm resources!

To start hosting Stargazing events, collect Stargaze Invites and ask friends to attend.

How do you get Stargaze Invites? There are four easy ways to do this:

1. Complete the tasks for each event. When you select which task to complete, take note that each task gives out a different number of invites.